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HydraFacial: Our Secret For A Glowing Summer Complexion

Each season of the year gives us challenges, and how it can affect our complexion is one of them. Summer is a particular challenge, but you don’t have to wait until the summer sun dries out your skin. Learn more about a HydraFacial: our secret for a glowing summer complexion.

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Naughty Leftovers From Winter Skin

Is your skin dry, scaly, peeling or flaking, and how visible are your pores? You probably have dirt and debris left in those pores and on your skin. Yuck! Now there is HydraFacial to the rescue. If you have not heard of this new type of facial, you’re in for a treat.

So now you are thinking: how is this different from all the facials I have had over the years? For starters this 30 minute facial has no side effects, there is no downtime, and you see instant results. If that sounds good, keep reading.

The Power Of Hydradermabrasion

Hydradermabrasion uses a more gentle device to apply its three part treatment. It cleanses, exfoliates, and infuses your skin with valuable serums. Instead of blasting your skin with grit like a typical dermabrasion, this more gentle technique and device vacuums pores and at the same time also delivers those serums to moisturize, brighten, plump and protect your skin.

The result is a glowing complexion.

What Benefits Will You See?

This more gentle facial will provide the following enhancements:

  • It will improve fine lines
  • It will promote firmness
  • It will even out skin tone and texture
  • It will improve oily congested skin
  • It will reduce visible enlarged pores and brown spots

Laugh At The Summer Sun

There is a lot working against you. 90% of skin damage comes from the sun. After age 20 you produce 1% less collagen each year.

You can counteract all that with a facial which will cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin. In addition it will infuse your skin with Vitamin A and E and hyaluronic acid.

Drink plenty of water especially during the heat of summer. Use moisturizer with sunscreen in it, and use a toner under your moisturizer. An extra tip: keep a small spray bottle of toner with you where you can spritz your face whenever you want.

And of course, schedule your HydraFacial.

Make an appointment with Vein & Aesthetics Center of Tampa for your HydraFacial and get that glowing summer complexion. Call (813) 533-1999 today to schedule an appointment.

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